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  • No Place for Pot at Work, Legal or Not: CannAmm

    A senior manager with one of the country’s leading drug testing firms says, there’s no place for marijuana on the job, whether it is legalized or for medicinal purposes.

    CannAmm’s Dan Demers, in addressing the NL Construction Safety association yesterday, stated with pending legalization of marijuana on the horizon in Canada many employers are seeking a better understanding of how it could impact workplace safety.

    Demers, told conference attendees that marijuana and hazardous work situations could result in potentially fatal circumstances.

    He suggests that concerned employers should focus on putting in a system of policies and procedures in place. Demers says an established set of standards can help clarify for workers what is unacceptable.

    Demers says, the goal is to remove risk and keep everyone safe. He suggests that employers by institute a policy that applies to dangerous work activities.

    He says if someone violates the program, the end outcome is to first removal of that person from the environment and secondly look at what the employer can do to safely back into the workforce.

    Demers says having the tools to enforce such a program, is the key to managing marijuana usage at work.

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