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  • Not Everyone is Able to Find Shelter From the Cold: The Gathering Place

    The Gathering Place says two nights ago, on the eve of one of the coldest nights in decades, some homeless people still had to stay out all night.

    The organization was busy throughout Wednesday, preparing their guests for the coldest night in a very long time. Environment Canada set extreme cold warnings, as the wind chill reached temperatures in the -30°s.

    In an interview with Paddy Daly on the VOCM Morning Show, Nancy Elkins says they were able to get most people into a shelter last night. But Elkins says they are aware of at least three people who stayed out in the cold, two nights ago.

    She says they try to get as many people as they can into shelters, but unfortunately there are some who are unable. She says those people end up sleeping in bus shelters or walking all night. Some have gone to the Emergency Room at the hospital just to stay warm for the night.

    Listen to Nancy Elkins speak on the VOCM Morning Show below:

    Electrical Demand Reaches All-Time High

    Demand on the electrical grid reached an all-time high yesterday with many areas of the province experiencing some of their coldest temperatures and wind chills in years.

    Newfoundland and Labraor Hydro says demand peaked at 1785 MW on the island last night. The utility, which generates most of the electricity consumed in the province, says it has plenty of reserves with over 2000 MW.

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