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  • Officer Loses Appeal of Indecent Phone Call, Public Mischief Convictions

    An RNC Officer in Corner Brook has lost his appeal on his 2015 convictions of making indecent phone calls and public mischief.

    On October 17, 2012, a woman—at her place of work—received a phone call of an indecent nature from a male she couldn’t identify. A second call was made a couple hours later.

    A complaint was made to the RNC, who traced the two calls back to Officer Sean Kelly’s police issued cell phone. Kelly denied involvement.

    A month later, Kelly provided RNC with a written statement saying he had loaned his phone to another man during the timeframe. However, the man denied having the phone and provided an alibi. That’s when Kelly became a suspect, and was arrested and charged.

    Kelly was convicted on both counts following trial, and sentenced to 10 months in jail.

    He filed an appear, which went to Summary Conviction Appeal Court, but was dismissed.

    He again appealed his conviction, and the case was heard by a panel of three judges at the Appeal Court of NL.

    That appeal was also dismissed. Kelly’s convictions and 10-month jail sentence remain.

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