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  • One of Two Polar Bears Relocated from Near Makkovik

    (Stock photo.)

    Wildlife officials captured and relocated a polar bear from Makkovik, but are urging caution as they monitor a second bear in the area.

    The Department of Land Resources issued an advisory earlier today following reports of polar bear sightings near the town dump.

    They’re urging residents to use extreme caution and take steps to avoid encountering bears. Keep pets under close supervision, travel in groups when possible, and properly dispose of garbage to avoid attracting the animals.

    Never approach a polar bear. If you encounter one, stay downwind of the animal, back away quietly and leave the area. If the bear notices you, give it space and a route to get away, back away and never run, and avoid direct eye contact with the animal.

    Anyone who sees a polar bear in the area is asked to contact the District Forestry and Wildlife Office in North West River at 709-497-8479 or 709-897-7116 after office hours.

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