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  • Osprey NestCam Relaunching in Coming Weeks

    Newfoundland Power says things are in place for the resumption of their popular Osprey NestCam in the coming weeks.

    The camera was put in place last week ahead of the arrival of Beaumont, a male, who has made the nest on Snow’s Lane his abode for the last several seasons.

    Jason Dalton, an environmental specialist with Newfoundland Power, says this will be the third year for their Osprey NestCam, which he says will be up and running in the next few weeks after Beaumont’s arrival.

    Last year was a disappointment. Beaumont found a mate, but she failed to return to the nest and it was too late in the season for chicks by the time he found a new one.

    Dalton says they’re hopeful this year.

    When it comes online, you can find the ospreys here.

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