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  • FFAW Applauds Emergency Funding for Lobster, Crab Harvesters

    The FFAW is applauding the federal government funding for helping harvesters affected by severe ice conditions.

    Ice has forced a delay for some crab and lobster harvesters in Newfoundland, Labrador and parts of Quebec.

    $5-million dollars is available to help harvesters unable to get out to lay their pots and whose EI benefits have ended.

    The FFAW calls yesterday’s announcement “welcome news” for hundreds of families who are still affected by severe ice and who have been without an income for over two months.

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    The federal government has announced emergency funding for crab and lobster harvesters in this province affected by delays in the fishing season caused by ice conditions.

    Minister Jonathan Wilkinson announced that the federal government will provide $5-million in emergency assistance to harvesters in to eligible applicants.

    That means up to $508 for each week of eligibility and cover the period from May 5 to June 15 in Newfoundland, southern Labrador and parts of Quebec.

    For northern portions of Labrador the period is between May 26 to July 6.

    More information on the assistance program can be found at this link.

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