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  • P.U.B. Power Outage Investigation Slams NL Hydro

    An investigation into a series of widespread power outages in the dead of winter in Newfoundland has come down hard on NL Hydro.

    The Avalon Peninsula went through a series of rotating outages in January 2014 which came to be known as #DarkNL. It came on the heels of a massive outage a year before, and a brief but eventful outage in March 2015. The Public Utilities Board concludes that Hydro caused the outages and problems by failing to meet the standard of generally-accepted sound public utility practice, and failed to fulfil its obligation to customers.

    More than two years later, the board says there continues to be significant risk in relation to the reliability of supply on the island until Muskrat Falls comes on line in a couple of years. That’s much different from what the corporation has been telling customers about its ability to meet demand.

    The board is going to keep close tabs on NL Hydro’s management of its assets, and has ordered the corporation to do a full supply review.

    Phase two of the P.U.B. investigation will focus more squarely on the present and future.

    NL Hydro Officials to Review Report

    Hydro officials say they will carefully review the report and will cooperate with the P.U.B. in the second phase of the inquiry.

    President Jim Haynes says they recognize the impact and seriousness of the outages in the province in 2014.

    He says NL Hydro has been working hard to implement all recommendations put forth by the PUB and Liberty Consulting.

    Because of that work, Haynes says they have seen “substantive” improvements to reliability, fewer outages and a reliability-focused operating culture.

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