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  • Residents Mount Rescue Effort to Save Stranded Dolphins

    Some residents of Bell Island have taken matters into their own hands to help save a pod of stranded white beaked dolphins.

    About ten or eleven of the dolphins had been stuck in an area of Lance Cove since ice blocked Conception Bay over the weekend. So far, the group of about twenty volunteers has managed to save at least five of the animals, but sadly the remainder died during transfer to the old marina at Lance Cove Beach.

    Lisa Martin-Gear is coordinating some of the operation from her home and says they have to maneuver over some rough terrain before getting the porpoises to open water. They have made use of a makeshift sling with a tarp and sticks to transport them from the area surrounded by ice.

    Four or five of the dolphins did not survive the night.

    Wabana Mayor Gary Gosine told VOCM Open Line with Paddy Daly this morning that the situation was pretty dire.

    He says the blood on the ice made it look like “a war zone.”

    The volunteers are getting guidance on what to do from the Whale Rescue and Strandings Group.


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