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  • Parking at Conception Bay East-Bell Island Polling Station Blocked with Elections NL Staff

    It didn’t take long for the first snag in voting to crop up and it remains to be seen if the issue will affect voting.

    The St. Thomas Community Centre is a smaller facility, with limited parking. Only 17 parking spots are available, three of those set aside as accessible parking.

    When voters first arrived to cast ballots this morning at 8:00 the available parking spots were already taken up by Elections NL staff members.

    A parking attendant is now directing traffic (pictured below), and slowly, one-by-one staff are moving their cars. However the road that the centre is on is narrow and the area is easily congested.

    The polling station is in the district of Conception Bay East-Bell Island, and has the potential for around 1,600 voters, but reports indicate some voters turned and left this morning without casting their ballots.

    A man from Elections NL says they are working with what they have, but parking will continue to be an issue.

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