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  • Paul Lane Kicked Out of Liberal Caucus via Email

    Mount Pearl-Southlands MHA Paul Lane sat as an independant in the House of Assembly this afternoon after being ejected from the Liberal caucus.

    Lane said yesterday his constituents just don’t support the controversial deficit reduction levy and he can’t support the budget as a result.

    Lane reached out to the Premier to request a meeting, but was told the Premier was in a cabinet meeting. A short time later, he got an email from the Premier’s Office saying he’s no longer a member of caucus, and his new Independent office was being prepared.

    Lane says he’s disappointed, but not surprised.


    He says it was to be expected based on the party system. He calls it a flaw with the party system that a person who is elected by the people of their district is not allowed to vote on behalf of his constituents.

    Government House Leader Andrew Parsons says the caucus learned Lane’s position in the House yesterday when everyone else did. He says repeated attempts were made to reach Lane last night, but with no luck.


    Lane says he hasn’t been contacted by either Opposition party at this point, but he doesn’t expect he’ll join either caucus.

    Lane was first elected as a Tory MHA, but crossed the floor to the Liberals in 2014 after saying he didn’t support then Premier Kathy Dunderdale. He won re-election in 2015 under the Liberal banner.








    Earlier today on 590 VOCM, Lane explained in an interview with Fred Hutton why he could not support the budget.




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