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  • PCs Still Have ‘Utmost Confidence’ in Crosbie as Leader After Election

    The PC caucus still “wholeheartedly” supports their leader following the backlash to Ches Crosbie’s post-election speech.

    The caucus met for the first time yesterday.

    Crosbie says he was passionate for the need for change and angry at the Liberals who he accused of campaigning on false claims and fear, but called his reaction “unfortunate.”

    Veteran PC caucus member and MHA David Brazil says they still have the utmost confidence in their leader. He says they have had good discussion over the last few days, and Crosbie has reached out to caucus members and former candidates who weren’t successful on how to move forward.

    Brazil says they understand the emotion, heat and disappointment that come after an election campaign, but Crosbie understands where he went wrong.

    MHA-elect Helen Conway-Ottenheimer says they are committed to holding government accountable, and she is in full support of Crosbie leading the way. She says she absolutely supports Crosbie and one of the main reasons she ran was because she believes he represents honest leadership.

    No One Wants an Election Anytime Soon, says Crosbie, Apologizing for Vowing to Bring Down Government Within a Year

    Meanwhile, the PC Leader doesn’t believe he damaged any working relationships with the Liberal Government.

    Ches Crosbie says he called Premier Ball on Saturday after the election with his congratulations and offer of cooperation. He says the conversation with Ball was cordial enough.

    Crosbie says everyone knows that the public does not want another election anytime soon. The public wants all members of the legislature to fulfill their duty to ensure the business of the province gets done and that good government is delivered.

    He is sure all of them, no matter what party, intend to fulfill that duty.

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