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  • Perseids Meteor Shower Peaks this Weekend

    Photo: Flickr/ Anthony Stewart Vardy

    Provided we have clear skies this weekend, you can take in the August Perseid Meteor Shower.

    The annual event happens when the earth passes through a debris field left behind by a comet. Dust burns up when it hits the atmosphere and appears in the sky like a shooting star.

    Randy Attwood is the Executive Director of the Royal Astronomical Society. He says the best areas for viewing are dark, open areas.

    He says the meteors are not very bright, so if you’re standing in the middle of the city with the city lights, you won’t see as much.

    On average, he says you’ll see a meteor about every minute, and over the span of a couple hours, he says you will see some bright meteors, mostly out of the northeast.

    Attwood and other astronomical lovers will converge on the US later this month to take in a total solar eclipse on August 21st – the moon will pass directly in front of the sun, and for a couple minutes, it will appear dark during the day.

    Attwood says if you’re not in the states to take in the phenomenon, you’ll have a bit of wait to see one over St. John’s.

    Attwood says on April 8th, 2024, it will get dark for about four minutes in the middle of the day in St. John’s during the eclipse.

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