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  • Pest Control Called After Bed Bugs Discovered at Long Term Care Facility

    Eastern Health says a follow up assessment of a single resident room at Pleasant View Towers has determined the room to be free of bed bugs.

    Eastern Health officials say on Saturday, June 3rd, bed bugs were discovered in the room in the new long-term care facility. Pest control was immediately called and the room was isolated and extermination took place.

    A follow-up assessment yesterday showed the room was clear.

    An entomologist specializing in bed-bugs says that there are a few common misconceptions surrounding the parasitic insects.

    Sean Rollo, Eastern Regional manager with Orkin Canada, told VOCM’s Nightline with Jonathan Richler that bed-bugs can live in any environment, regardless of cleanliness. Rollo says that many people associate the bugs with dirty homes and lower-economic settings, however the bugs are fairly indiscriminate and can be found even in luxury hotels or brand-new facilities.

    Rollo says that residents shouldn’t be concerned about bed-bugs getting into their homes, unless they’ve been traveling.

    He says that there’s little chance of bed bugs walking through your front door, but encourages residents traveling and staying in hotels to give a quick check of their bed and night stand. He says if you don’t see anything, than there’s probably nothing to worry about.

    The best defence in a multi-unit building, Rollo says, is to ensure that baseboards and walls are properly sealed to prevent migration between apartments.

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