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  • Photographer Captures Turbulent Seas in Middle Cove

    (Photo courtesy Peter Barfoot.)

    Nature’s rage was on display today in Middle Cove, as the sea put on a show of its strength to onlookers at the popular beach.

    Continued high winds in the region have resulted in spectacular waves crashing against the area’s pine-clad cliffs.

    Photographer Peter Barfoot went to check out the waters this morning as they lashed the coastline, sending spray high into the air.

    While it’s not the kind of conditions you’d like to see at sea, the crashing waters created a canvas that was spectacular to view from the safety of shore.

    PAL Airlines and Aerospace Meteorologist Brian Walsh says the first few months of 2018 have been some of the windiest in recent memory along the Northeast Avalon. Walsh says the St. John’s Region has consistently topped the 30-year average for wind speed, over the first three months, and it doesn’t look to lighten up any time soon.

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