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  • Pizzeria Owner Overwhelmed by Support from Community

    The owner of a local pizzeria has been overwhelmed with support, not just from customers but from fellow pizza makers, after going viral on Facebook because he responded to feedback.

    The “For Da Love of Za” Facebook group reviews locally made pizza in the province. Kilbride Pizza owner Moody Elsayed noticed some posters suggesting improvements to his pizza, and he took it to heart.

    He says he saw some suggestions and decided to try them out in his recipe. Then, since posting to thank the group for their feedback, his restaurant has been blocked ever since.

    Within hours of posting, Kilbride Pizza was full of customers from the then-9,000-strong group looking for pizza. A week later as more and more people post, the crowds haven’t slowed down. They’ve even run out a few times.

    He says he’s been overwhelmed by the love and support from Newfoundlanders, and not only from his customers but fellow pizza makers as well. When he ran out of supplies, Tony from Venice Pizzeria came to Moody’s rescue, and told him he could take whatever he needed.

    Moody says it’s been a bit crazy, but wonderful. And despite the sudden popularity he has no plans to expand, as he makes every pizza himself and isn’t ready to give that up just yet.

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