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  • Plastic Bag Ban a Good Start, but Not Enough: Liboiron

    (Photo courtesy Walter Harding.)

    A MUN researcher says a plastic bag ban isn’t going to save our oceans, but the recent vote by St. John’s City Council shows there’s a growing political will to begin reducing the amount of plastic waste.

    St. John’s City City Council recently voted to reaffirm its support for Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador’s resolution to ban plastic bags.

    A scholar with the Civic Laboratory at Memorial University, Dr. Max Liboiron says it’s not going to save the oceans anytime soon.

    She says plastic bags are a low hanging fruit because politically they’re easy to ban and banning them won’t have any significant environmental effect.

    Nain and Fogo have already banned plastic bags, and now with growing support, a province-wide ban looks possible in the near future.

    Dr. Liboiron says fishing gear and sewage remain the province’s biggest challenges in reducing plastic waste and ocean contamination, but banning plastic bags is a good start to begin steering the ship in the right direction.

    She says as an individual it’s difficult to have a big impact, but through continued support for things like a plastic bag ban, the province can begin to reduce waste and slowly move to larger scale reductions involving industry where changes make a big difference.

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