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  • Polar Bear Photos Emerge After Recent Sightings on the Island

    (Left: Photo by Dustin Carroll of a polar bear in Cook's Harbour. Right: A polar bear roaming the road outside Carmanville, courtesy Clayton Collins.)

    Photos are being widely shared after another series of polar bear sightings popped up on the island—one on the Northern Peninsula, and one on the Northeast Coast.

    Dustin Carroll saw one of the animals roaming around Cooke Harbour on the very tip of the Great Northern Peninsula. The bear, which Carroll called brazen, appeared to be swimming around the harbour, wandering near some structures in the area. He says a helicopter was witnessed scanning the area, following the movements of the animal.

    Another sighting emerged from the area of Carmanville. Clayton Collins posted photos on Facebook of another polar bear wandering the roads outside the town this afternoon.

    Conservation officers advise anyone who encounters a polar bear to stay calm, quietly back away, and stay downwind of the animal.

    If the polar bear notices you, do not run, avoid direct eye contact, and give the animal plenty of space to get away.

    Any polar bear sightings should be reported to your local wildlife office.

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