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  • Police Kept Busy by String of Thefts from Stephenville-Area Businesses

    RCMP in the area of Stephenville were kept on the hop yesterday following a string of thefts from businesses in and around the town.

    The first call came in around 9:00 yesterday morning after police were told a man had entered the Esso in Stephenville on two occasions the night before, and allegedly taken cell phone accessories and beer.

    The second call came around 2:00 p.m. when police were notified that a man had stolen cigarettes from Georgia Convenience in Stephenville.

    Less than an hour later police noticed a man causing a disturbance at the local Dominion. The situation was resolved, and police had already left the scene when they received a call that the same man had attempted to steal a large amount of groceries. He dropped the merchandise and fled when approached by store security.

    At 3:00 yesterday afternoon, another call came in about a man stealing cigarettes from the Irving in Stephenville Crossing. Police were contacted yet again a few hours later following a report of a man stealing several packages of meat from the Coleman’s Food Centre in Stephenville.

    The investigation continues.

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