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  • Police Say New Impaired Driving Laws Not Meant to Penalize the Innocent

    Police are assuring the public that they don’t have to wait two hours before consuming alcohol after leaving their vehicle, even though the new alcohol-related impaired driving laws state such.

    The revised Bill C-46 came into effect this week to align with drug-impaired driving laws, which were brought in as response to the legalization of marijuana.

    One component requires drivers to have a blood alcohol content within the limits for up to two hours after driving a vehicle. That raises all kinds of concerns about when somebody can crack a cold one, but RCMP Staff Sgt. David Ossinger says it’s not something innocent people have to worry about.

    He says it’s meant to help police capture someone who flees from the scene of an accident. It’s a specific tool for police, he says, for someone who’s crashed their car and left the scene.

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