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  • Premier Preparing to Launch Muskrat Falls Inquiry

    The Premier is preparing to launch an inquiry into the Muskrat Falls project.

    Premier Dwight Ball was reacting to recent stories outlining the role of embedded contractors with Muskrat Falls.

    The Telegram found that around 90 per cent of people managing Muskrat Falls are contractors not directly employed by the company, and these contractors have logged nearly 4.6-million hours with an insider estimating the average hourly rate between $90-$250.

    Ball says Nalcor’s explanation isn’t enough.

    He says when taxpayer dollars are at stake, simply saying the information is commercially sensitive doesn’t pass the smell test, and when government can launch an inquiry that doesn’t disrupt work or increase rates, then an investigation will proceed.

    Earlier this year Ball and Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady were told by Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall and Auditor General Terry Paddon that an inquiry would cause project delays and add unnecessary costs.

    Ball says an inquiry needs to happen soon. They are already in the process of putting together a strategy to investigate Muskrat Falls and the decisions leading up to it.

    He’s already reached out to a number of departments for terms of reference, and though he wants to finish the project strong he doesn’t want an inquiry to launch when people are packing up and leaving the site.

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