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  • Premier Responds to US Tariffs on Pulpwood Industry

    (VOCM file photo)

    Premier Dwight Ball will address reporters this afternoon in response to US tariffs against the pulpwood industry.

    Premier Ball is expressing frustration in light of ongoing protection actions from the Trump administration that are having an adverse impact on the province’s forestry industry—Corner Brook Pulp and Paper in particular.

    A 22.16 per cent anti-dumping duty will come into force five days from now. That’s on top of a preliminary 9.93 per cent countervailing duty that was imposed on the company in January.

    Premier Ball says Corner Brook Pulp and Paper employs more than 500 people and is at the center of the province’s forestry industry which is valued at $285.5-million annually. The industry employs over 5,000 people in pulp and paper, harvesting, sawmilling and other value-added industries.

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