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  • Premier Slams PC Lead for ‘Never Waste a Good Crisis’ Comment

    The Premier is ripping into PC Leader Ches Crosbie after hearing comments made on VOCM Open Line this morning.

    Ches Crosbie, who doesn’t have a seat in the House of Assembly, told host Darrell Power that his motto is “Never waste a good crisis.” By that, he seems to be referring to the Liberals’ approach to cutting the deficit, which consisted largely of higher taxes, especially in their first budget in 2016.

    Premier Dwight Ball immediately tweeted out that he was shocked by the comment.

    He says Crosbie seems to be happy that the Tories left the province with a $2.7-billion deficit. He sees Crosbie as celebrating the pain that he helped cause.

    Premier Ball notes that his party has brought the deficit down by $2-billion. He’s accusing Crosbie of “elitist, Machiavellian manipulation” as it was his party that crafted and forced through the Muskrat Falls project, which has nearly doubled in cost.

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