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  • Pride on Campus Kicks Off Celebrations at MUN

    The eighth annual Pride On Campus has kicked off at Memorial University.

    Dr. Ian Sutherland is the Dean of Memorial University’s School of Music, but he first walked through the university’s doors in 1998 as a student of the music program.

    He calls it a time of change and transition.

    One year later, Dr. Sutherland gained the courage to come out as a young gay man. He remembers being fearful and anxious at the time, but looking back, he says it was a time of love. He says he is one of the lucky ones, to have found acceptance and support, both on campus and at home.

    He says while things have improved for LGBTQ students, there will always been some ways to go to ensure everyone is treated equal.

    Memorial University students, faculty, representatives and supporters met on campus this afternoon at the Arts and Administration Building to reaffirm their commitment to providing a safe and inclusive campus for all students.

    The bright colours of the pride flag are now flying at MUN, marking the start of Pride On Campus.

    A schedule of events is available below:

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