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  • Problems with Anonymity Highlighted in Lead-Up to Charter Anniversary

    The question of social media and anonymity are issues that continue to garner discussion as the country gets set to recognize the 35th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Lawyer Will Hiscock is a lawyer with the Ad Hoc Committee of Civil Liberties. He says people have the right to freedom of expression, but trolls and others cloaked in anonymity have made social media and the internet a less-than-desirable place for some.

    Hiscock says there is a fine line between the right to freedom of expression and harmful activity.

    He says the question of whether someone should wear a mask at a protest is very similar. He says while there are risks to wearing a mask to protect your identity, in the case of a government worker who wants to protect their job, but still protest, it would be a necessity.

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