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  • ‘Project Blowfish’ Lands Nearly $1-Million in Drugs, Weapons, Vehicles

    A week-long investigation by the RCMP dubbed Project Blowfish has netted drugs, guns, cash and vehicles—and the largest seizure of crystal meth the province has ever seen.

    RCMP Staff Sergeant Stefan Thoms showcased the seizure for media this afternoon—items taken during a search of a home in St. John’s on Monday. The inventory is valued at nearly $1-million at the street level.

    The seizure includes:

    • Three kilograms of cocaine
    • 350 grams of crystal meth—the largest seizure of its kind in Newfoundland and Labrador
    • 300 blotters of LSD
    • 28 grams of molly (ecstasy)
    • 120 oxycodone pills
    • 454 grams of psylocibin (magic mushrooms)
    • 120 grams of hashish
    • Fifteen pounds of illegal cannabis
    • Hundreds of vials of steroids

    • $90,600 cash
    • Seven sets of body armour
    • Six firearms including a loaded Kel-Tec tactical shotgun, a loaded pump action shotgun, a second pump action shotgun, a .22 calibre rifle and two handguns
    • Three vehicles including a motorcycle, SUV and high end sports car
    • High end jewelry

    Staff Sergeant Thomas says police received a tip that three kilograms of cocaine from Montreal was headed to the province, prompting the search warrant.

    As a result, 25-year-old Tyler Nickerson Butler and 21-year-old Shae O’Keefe were arrested and charged with eight counts each of drug offences and three counts each of careless storage of a firearm.

    Both have been released from custody on a recognizance and will be back in court on June 26.

    Police are continuing to investigate, and more charges are possible.

    (350g of crystal meth seized in Project Blowfish.)

    (454 grams of psylocibin, or magic mushrooms, seized in Project Blowfish.)

    (Weapons and body armour seized in Project Blowfish)

    (Example of LSD blotters seized in Project Blowfish.)

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