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  • Proposal to Overhaul Fisheries Act Clears House of Commons

    There could be a course correction ahead for fisheries management in Canada after the proposal to overhaul the Fisheries Act cleared the House of Commons this week.

    Bill C-68, modernizing The Fisheries Act was passed Wednesday, and is now headed to the Senate. It is designed to restore protections that were gutted by the Harper government and incorporate new safeguards to protect fish and their habitat.

    For the first time since the Act became law in 1868, the proposed legislation directs the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to manage fish stocks sustainably, and to put rebuilding plans in place for depleted stocks.

    What’s been amended and now making its way through to the next stage has the potential to rebuild this country’s fisheries and coastal communities, according to Oceana Canada.

    Spokesperson Josh Laughren says it’s a substantial change for fisheries management in Canada, a course correction that puts the country on a different path.

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