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  • Protecting Wetlands Will Greatly Reduce Flood Damage says Report

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada is asking that people start thinking about the need to conserve this province’s wetlands.

    A new report published by the Insurance Bureau of Canada assesses the cost of flood damage to infrastructure and private property. The report says we need to address climate change by mitigating floods.

    Andrew Holland of the Nature Conservancy of Canada says that by protecting the province’s wetlands we can greatly reduce the risk of flood damage.

    Holland says that our wetlands are like a giant roll of paper towel. They help absorb a lot of the water before any serious damage can occur. He also mentions that our forests can play an important role in reducing flood risks.

    The Conservancy says that by investing in healthy wetlands, rivers, watersheds, floodplains, and forests we will save our infrastructure and a lot of money in the long run.

    The Nature Conservancy is calling on governments and communities to play a role in conserving our natural resources.

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