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  • Protesters Back at Muskrat Falls

    The Muskrat Falls hydro project is again the target of protesters concerned with the structural integrity of the North Spur.

    Nalcor’s emergency preparedness plan was applied early Friday morning after water seepage through the cofferdam began to increase. The protests last month stemmed from concerns about methyl mercury but ended when an agreement was reached on that aspect of the project, however there was little mention of the North Spur.

    People who are concerned about the dam say the entire area is made of clay, and the dam might not withstand the rigours associated with that type of building foundation, however Nalcor says there is no danger to any of the communities, including Happy Valley-Goose Bay.


    Musician Jacinda Beals posted pictures on her Facebook page of a half dozen or so protesters blocking traffic from entering the North Spur.

    The Spur is on the opposite side of the Churchill River from where last month’s protest camp was established.

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