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  • Province Enacting One-Metre Rule for Cyclists, Pedestrians

    Changes to the Highway Traffic Act as it relates to safety for cyclists and pedestrians are coming into effect early next month.

    As of March 5, the one-metre rule will come into effect. The rule requires drivers to leave one metre of open space between the vehicle and bicycle or pedestrian on highways with posted speed limits of 60 km/h or less.

    Where speed limits are over 60 km/h, the rule increases to 1.5 metres.

    Under the Highway Traffic Act, a pedestrian is defined as a person on foot, a person in or on a mobility aid, or a child in a carriage or sleigh.

    The penalty for violations of the one-metre rule range between $100 and $400, or two to 14 days imprisonment along with two demerit points.

    Minister of Service NL, Sherry Gambin-Walsh says safety is always a top priority and they regularly amend the act to make sure roads are as safe as possible.

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