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  • Province Reviewing Residential Tenancies Act

    The provincial government says it is committed to reviewing the Residential Tenancies Act to best protect the interests of both tenants and landlords.

    Government was responding in light of a shocking story that unfolded in the capital city earlier this week. Nicole Ivey-Cross is in the process of cleaning up the mess left by the tenants of both her upstairs and downstairs downtown rental property.

    Damages are estimated in the $15,000 dollar range. The damage is greater in the downstairs apartment, with knives left sticking out of walls. The upstairs apartment was littered with garbage, blood, used needles and children’s toys.

    Ivey-Cross says it took a long time to get the tenants evicted when the damage was discovered after their new insurance company asked for pictures of the property. The company required a picture of the front and back of the house, so they drove into town to get the pictures and discovered that a back window was broken out and left open to the elements.

    That started a lengthy process of trying to get into the building to fix the window, which then revealed the full extent of the damage inside.

    She says efforts to evict the tenants led them down a frustrating road in dealing with various government agencies and even the police.

    She says the downstairs tenants had padlocks on every door in the apartment, leading to suspicion of possible drug activity on the property. She says they contacted the narcotics unit and have yet to receive a call.

    Ivey-Cross says the experience dealing with the current system has left her feeling helpless.

    She says nobody has taken ownership of the issue. She wants to know how it can be fair for government to provide needles to people with addictions, but she has nowhere to turn when it comes to disposing of used needles.

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