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  • Province Seeing the Fallout of Deinstitutionalization of Mental Health Care: Rogers

    NDP Leader Gerry Rogers says the province is seeing the fallout of a failure to have proper supports in place following the deinstitutionalization of mental health care facilities decades ago.

    Rogers was responding to recent questions surrounding the sub-standard living conditions for some people in emergency housing.

    She says she is aware of the horrific and deplorable conditions some people find themselves in after being released from psychiatric hospitals or the corrections system.

    Rogers says what are supposed to be temporary housing arrangements can sometimes drag out for months, and she says the most vulnerable people in society are living in conditions that are unacceptable.

    Rogers says questions have been raised about the regulatory process, conditions and standards after it was revealed that one private landlord received $700,000 last year to provide emergency housing.

    Imagine what an organization like The Gathering Place can do with that kind of money asks Rogers. The group gets a fraction of that money and works with thousands of people according to the NDP leader.

    She says a lack of services and supports means people to need help the most are struggling. She says that’s why many correctional facilities are “busting at the seams”.

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