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  • Province Unifying Online Services Under ‘Digital by Design’ Plan

    Nearly 30 months since taking the reins as the leaders of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Liberals have released the final phase of their Way Forward document, including plans for a new digital platform to connect citizens with government.

    Premier Dwight Ball and Finance Minister Tom Osborne unveiled the final phase of the party’s vision for the province at the CNA campus on Ridge Road in St. John’s this afternoon.

    Many similar themes were presented to the audience about how government plans to bring Newfoundland and Labrador back to a “have” province, including pushing aquaculture, mineral exploration, forestry, tourism as well as the province’s golden goose: the oil and gas sector.

    A major part of the latest phase is the development of a new website and portal to help connect residents to government services.

    Osborne says the new website will transform how the government interacts with the public, to create a greater and more modernized system.

    The five-year “digital by design” plan is expected to cost around $8-million and will be in place by 2022-23.

    The new website will bring all government services to one place, and will track user data to make it easier to apply for permits and check on the status of their MCP card among other things.

    Ball says it’s about making it easier for residents to get the services they need as efficiently as possible.

    He says if someone went into a government department today to get a permit for something, they could exhaust themselves only to find they need a permit from another department. The new system will make it easier for people across the province to get what they need.


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