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    Dogs prop Steve ‘Cutter’ Cutcliffe carries the ball while Swilers lock Aaron Burrows tackles

    Molson St. John’s Intermediate Men’s Fastpitch League

    Best-of-5 Final Results (Tuesday, October 10, 2017)

    Final: 2nd-Lafontaine Club vs. 1st-Bay Roberts Coors Light

    Game #3: Lafontaine Club 15 vs. Bay Roberts Coors Light 6 (6-Innings)

    Johnny O’Reilly Named Playoff MVP & Leonard 4-for-4, Solo HR & 4RBI

    Lafontaine Club Defeated Bay Roberts Coors Light 15-6 In 6-Innings

    Lafontaine Club Captured Their 4th Consecutive (2014-2017) Intermediate League Crown (League Record)

    (Lafontaine Club Wins Best-of-5 Final 3-0)

    Lafontaine Club Pitching Stats:
    WP: Johnny O’Reilly 6IP, 6R, 9H, 6BB, 9K

    Lafontaine Club Top Batters:
    Troy Leonard 4-4, 2R, Solo Home Run, 1BB, 4RBI
    Russell Woodman 1-2, 1R, 3BB, 1RBI
    Matthew O’Reilly 1-3, 2R, 1BB, 2RBI
    Nick Pittman 1-4, 1R, 1HBP, 1RBI
    Paul Maher 1-4, 1R, 1SB, 1BB

    Members of the Lafontaine Club Championship Team
    Joey Evely, Brent Hatfield, Trevor Hefferan, Sheldon Keefe, Michael Leonard-Power, Troy Leonard, Paul Maher, Brittany McCarthy, Colby Murphy, Johnny O’Reilly, Matthew O’Reilly, Nick Pittman, Russell Woodman and Steven Pittman-Coach.

    Bay Roberts Coors Light Pitching Stats:
    LP: Johnny Doyle 6IP, 15R, 3ER, 8H, 1HBP, 13BB, 6K

    Bay Roberts Coors Light Top Batters:
    Scott Strickland 2-2, 1SAC, 2RBI
    Johnny Doyle 2-3, 2R, 1BB, 2RBI
    Daniel Byrne 2-3, 1R, 1BB, 1RBI
    Justin Butler 1-3, 1RBI
    Rylee Costello 1-3, 1BB
    Stephen Oates 1-4, 1R

    2017 Intermediate League Playoff Awards

    Most Valuable Player
    Johnny O’Reilly (Lafontaine Club)
    Pitching: 6-0, 36IP, 7ER, 1.36ERA, 76K, 1SHO

    Top Batter
    Rylee Costello (Bay Roberts Coors Light)
    9-19 .474BA

    Final 2017 Playoff Standings
    1. Lafontaine Club 7-0
    2. Bay Roberts Coors Light 4-3
    3. CBC Junior Canadians 2-2
    4. Goulds 1-2
    5. Chayee Bourras NL Selects 1-2
    6. CBS Storm 0-2
    7. Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic 0-2
    8. Game On Gear 0-1
    9. MJR Masonry 0-1


    Molson St. John’s Intermediate Men’s Fastpitch League

    2017 Intermediate League Statistical Award Winners

    Top Batter
    Chris Thorne (RMMR) 28-53 .528BA

    Home Runs
    Troy Leonard (LC) 5HR
    Patrick O’Leary (CBC) 5HR

    Runs Batted In
    Patrick O’Leary (CBC) 21RBI

    Pitching (Wins)
    Johnny Doyle (BRCL) 9 Wins (9-2 Record)

    Eric Healey (CBC) 114K

    Earned Run Average
    Johnny O’Reilly (LC) 0.89ERA (6ER-47IP)


    2017 Intermediate League Individual Award Winners

    Most Valuable Player
    Johnny Doyle (BRCL)
    11GP, 9-2, 70IP, 23ER, 2.30ERA, 111K, 1SHO
    14GP, 18-40 .450BA, 9R, 2D, 1T, 2HR, 7BB, 10RBI, 933FP, 542OBP, 700SLG

    Comeback Player of the Year
    Patrick O’Leary (CBC)
    2017: 12GP, 20-41 .488BA, 13R, 4D, 1T, 5HR, 7SB, 3BB, 21RBI, 948FP, 522OBP, 1000SLG
    2016: 10GP, 10-27 .370BA, 11R, 1D, 1T, 1HR, 5SB, 6BB, 6RBI, 930FP, 485OBP, 593SLG

    Rookie of the Year
    Jacob Gill (CBSS)
    13GP, 10-36 .278BA, 8R, 1D, 1SB, 5BB, 3RBI, 1000FP, 366OBP, 306SLG

    Golden Glove
    Stephen Dobbin (GOG)
    12GP, 20PO, 28A, 2E .960FP (48-50)

    Sportsmanship & Ability
    Matt Power (RMMR)
    15GP, 18-49 .367BA, 14R, 1D, 3T, 1HR, 1SB, 2BB, 20RBI, 881FP, 385OBP, 571SLG
    10GP, 3-3, 40IP, 31ER, 5.42ERA, 47K


    2017 Intermediate League All-Star (League) Team Selections

    Troy Leonard (LC)
    12GP, 20-38 .526BA, 12R, 5HR, 1SB, 5BB, 20RBI, 1000FP, 591OBP, 921SLG

    Johnny Doyle (BRCL)
    11GP, 9-2, 70IP, 23ER, 2.30ERA, 111K, 1SHO
    14GP, 18-40 .450BA, 9R, 2D, 1T, 2HR, 7BB, 10RBI, 933FP, 542OBP, 700SLG

    Patrick O’Leary (CBC)
    12GP, 20-41 .488BA, 13R, 4D, 1T, 5HR, 7SB, 3BB, 21RBI, 948FP, 522OBP, 1000SLG

    Peter Kavanagh (BRCL)
    12GP, 18-37 .486BA, 11R, 3D, 1T, 2HR, 2SB, 5BB, 14RBI, 905FP, 535OBP, 784SLG

    Mike Gregory (CBSS)
    11GP, 13-31 .419BA, 11R, 3D, 3HR, 1SB, 5BB, 10RBI, 872FP, 474OBP, 806SLG

    Stephen Dobbin (GOG)
    12GP, 14-34 .412BA, 12R, 2D, 2T, 1SB, 12BB, 15RBI, 960FP, 565OBP, 588SLG

    Sheldon Keefe (LC)
    12GP, 21-46 .457BA, 14R, 2D, 3T, 9RBI, 1000FP, 447OBP, 630SLG

    Jordan Pomeroy (CBNLS)
    11GP, 14-35 .400BA, 10R, 2D, 1T, 2BB, 7RBI, 1000FP, 432OBP, 514SLG

    Andrew Kelly (GOG)
    12GP, 13-36 .361BA, 9R, 2D, 1T, 3SB, 9BB, 9RBI, 955FP, 489OBP, 472SLG

    Chris Thorne (RMMR)
    17GP, 28-53 .528BA, 26R, 3D, 1HR, 8SB, 12BB, 7RBI, 875FP, 615OBP, 642SLG
    5 Positions Played In 2017: 6-SS, 4-C, 4-CF, 2-1B, 1-2B


    2017 Intermediate League Playoff Awards

    Most Valuable Player
    Johnny O’Reilly (LC)
    Pitching: 6-0, 36IP, 7ER, 1.36ERA, 76K, 1SHO

    Top Batter
    Rylee Costello (BRCL)
    9-19 .474BA


    Oct. 11, 2017
    Women’s Basketball team hosts the Marie’s Mini Mart Fall Classic.
    Home Competition
    U Sports Women’s Basketball (Preseason)
    Women’s Basketball – Marie’s Mini Mart Fall Classic
    Thursday, October 12th (Old MUN Gym)
    Winnipeg Wesmen vs Ryerson Rams – 6 PM
    Alberta Pandas vs Memorial University Sea-Hawks – 8 PM

    Friday, October 13th (Field House)
    Winnipeg Wesmen vs Alberta Pandas – 6 PM
    Ryerson Rams vs Memorial University Sea-Hawks – 8 PM

    Saturday, October 14th (Field House)
    Winnipeg Wesmen vs Alberta Pandas – 4 PM
    Ryerson Rams vs Memorial University Sea-Hawks – 6 PM
    Women’s Basketball
    The Memorial Sea-Hawks women’s basketball team welcome three non-conference teams to town this weekend for the 2nd Annual Marie’s Mini Mart Fall Classic.
    Visiting teams include the Alberta Pandas and Winnipeg Wesmen from the Canada West conference, and the Ryerson Rams from the OUA. Winnipeg finished the 2016-17 season with an 18-2 record, tops in the conference, while Alberta finished one game back at 17-3. The Wesmen defeated the Pandas to finish third in Canada West. Ryerson finished last season with a 13-6 record and lost in the OUA quarterfinal to Windsor.
    The Sea-Hawks finished last season with an 11-9 record, good enough for 4th in the AUS and lost in the quarterfinal to the eventual champions, Cape Breton, 55-53 in a hard-fought contest.
    This weekend will be the first game action of the preseason for the Sea-Hawks and Head Coach Mark English is looking forward to seeing his team hit the court against some stiff competition.
    “We are really excited to get our preseason going this Thursday and to be able to start at home is a nice touch. We have put in a solid month and half of work and the team is eager to get on the court and put it all together. We are hoping to get a sense of where we are and what we need to work on, after this weekend. The preseason is a time to try different things and different line ups to see what works well. We have some very good competition coming and I feel if we play hard on defense, take care of the glass, and play unselfish, we have a great chance to be successful.”

    Memorial will once again be led by Sydney Stewart (Sarnia, ON) who was a 1st Team AUS All-Star selection last season. She finished the year as the team leader in points per game (15.6), assists per game (3.0), and steals per game (2.5). Stewart enters her fourth year as a Sea-Hawk and will no doubt be relied upon to contribute in similar ways again this season.
    “Receiving an AUS All-Star award was a great accomplishment for me and I am incredibly humbled by it. Going into this season after receiving something like that only pushes me to be a better player and to hopefully go beyond what I’ve done before.”
    The Sea-Hawks will once again play a fast-paced style and Stewart believes the hard work put forth by the team this summer will benefit them this season.
    “What we lack in size, we more than make up for with how aggressive and fast-paced we are. The whole team is just incredibly excited to show off all their hard work from the summer and we’ll only improve as the year goes on.”
    The tournament kicks off on Thursday night from the Old MUN Gym with Winnipeg and Ryerson hitting the court at 6pm, followed by the Sea-Hawks and Alberta Pandas tipping off at 8pm. Games continue on Friday and Saturday at The Field House. For a full schedule visit www.goseahawks.ca.


    Goodyear Cup Final: Swilers vs Dogs
    Saturday, October 14, 2017 3:00 PM
    Swilers Rugby Club, 100 Crosbie Road, St. John s, NL

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