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  • Psychiatrist Shares Details of Anne Norris Assessment at Murder Trial

    Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Nizar Ladha says accused murderer Anne Norris felt she was being assaulted by 46-year-old Marcel Reardon while she slept.

    Dr. Ladha says during an assessment of Anne Norris in his office at the Waterford, Norris told him she didn’t know Marcel Reardon very well. She says she had only met him twice.

    She told Dr. Ladha that Reardon was assaulting her. She said, “I know he did it but I just don’t have proof.”

    Dr. Ladha told the court he feels Norris was delusional.

    Norris told the doctor she and Reardon arrived at her apartment after leaving Water Street in the early morning hours of May 9, 2016. Norris left Reardon outside. She told the doctor, “[Reardon] wasn’t a very nice guy…” She says he treated women poorly.

    Dr. Ladha says Norris told him someone buzzed her door. She took the hammer and went to investigate, but nobody was there. Norris told him she went out back and found Reardon outside, passed out. She told the doctor she hit him with the hammer, “I hit him several times and moved his body myself.”

    Dr. Ladha quoted Norris as saying, “I’m not even sure what I was doing at the time, I just couldn’t stop.”

    She’s facing first degree murder.

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