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  • Qajaq W Docked Due to Heavy Ice Conditions in the Straits

    (File photo.)

    It’s another day without ferry service in the Strait of Belle Isle as conditions have forced the Qajaq W to remain tied up. The Coast Guard icebreaker Henry Larssen has been helping out but had to leave the area yesterday—it is back on site today but ice in the Straits is heavy.

    Labrador Marine says some flight services are available, with reserved passengers being accommodated based on their delay/cancellation policy. Updates are posted at Labrador Marine’s website.

    Brad Dernford, superintendent of ice operations with the Canadian Coast Guard, says Marine Atlantic ferries are the number one priority for the Coast Guard—next to search and rescue—but they try to help everyone. The Qajaq was tied up for several days early last week because of heavy ice, prompting government to put on flight service across the Straits.

    (Photo from the Henry Larsen, courtesy Canadian Coast Guard.)

    The Coast Guard has three icebreakers in the Gulf, including the Henry Larsen.

    He says they can’t be with everyone all the time.

    (Photo from the Henry Larsen, courtesy Canadian Coast Guard.)

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