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  • Qajaq W to Replace the Apollo Next Week on the Strait of Belle Isle

    (File photo.)

    A more efficient, luxurious and accessible ferry is coming to the Strait of Belle Isle.

    The new Qajaq W ferry is replacing the Apollo, and soon. With the Apollo sold to Quebec, Qajaq will take over the run early next week.

    A larger vessel, 120 vehicles and 300 passengers and travel comfortably aboard, including, new to the run, two fully accessible cabins.

    Qajaq is a double-ended vessel, with an ice bow on both ends, meaning it won’t have to turn during the run, and will fare better in icy conditions than the Apollo.

    Though, Woodward Group President Peter Woodward stresses Qajaq W is not an ice breaker, and that the Straits boast some of the toughest conditions in the country.

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