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    Andrea Gosse, mother of the late 5-year-old Quinn Butt, has written Justice Minister Andrew Parsons urging for changes to the Child Protection Act.

    Gosse says she suffered years of abuse at the hands of Trent Butt before the day he killed their daughter.

    She told VOCM Morning Show host Paddy Daly that when she finally decided to leave Butt, it came with an “extreme battle.”

    Gosse says between CYFS, police, and the Family Court System, she felt like she was being bounced back and forth.

    A social worker who worked with Gosse told her that she felt Quinn shouldn’t be in Butt’s custody, but told Gosse her hands were tied.

    Gosse says the system failed her, and that changes must be made, and policies followed.

    She feels there needs to be intervention before the physical abuse.

    Gosse did record mentally and emotionally abusive conversations, but because there was no harm brought to Quinn by her father, it “fell on deaf ears.”

    She feels after suffering all types of abuse, emotional and mental can last a lot longer than physical, especially for a child.

    Hear Gosse’s full discussion with VOCM’s Paddy Daly here:

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