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  • Rare Whale Found Stranded in Harbour Grace

    A rare and unusual animal was recently found stranded on the shoreline in Harbour Grace.

    A juvenile whale, possibly a rare melon-headed whale, was discovered on the shore in Harbour Grace November 14th according to the Whale Release and Strandings group.

    The whale is a deep water species that normally feeds on squid. The Whale Release and Strandings group says there were squid in Harbour Grace recently and it’s possible the juvenile became separated from it’s mother.

    The group says the whale could also be a pygmy killer whale which is very similar in shape and size. Both species are tropical and sub-tropical, with only one previous recorded sighting of a melon-headed whale in the north west Atlantic. The group says to be found this far north this late in the season is another sign that the climate is changing.

    Unfortunately, the little animal was in poor condition, and it eventually perished. It’s carcass could not be retrieved for testing.

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