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  • RCMP Offers Tips on Spotting, Reporting Impaired Drivers

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    As the busy holiday season approaches, the RCMP is providing tips on how to spot impaired drivers, and what to do if you suspect someone is driving while impaired.

    Earlier this month, police held a special effort to remove impaired drivers from roads across the province. As result, 12 drivers were charged, and handed driving suspensions. However, RCMP says everyone can play a part in keeping roadways safe.

    The RCMP says signs of a possible impaired driver include:

    • Driving unreasonably fast, slow or at an inconsistent speed
    • Drifting in and out of lanes
    • Tailgating or changing lanes frequently
    • Making exceptionally wide turns
    • Changing lanes or passing without sufficient clearance
    • Disregarding signals and lights
    • Approaching signals or leaving intersections too quickly or slowly
    • Driving without headlights, failing to lower high beams or leaving turn signals on
    • Driving with windows open in cold or bad weather

    If you see someone you suspect is driving impaired, police recommend calling 911 as soon as possible, with the following information:

    • A description of the vehicle, including license plate number, colour, make and model
    • The direction the vehicle is traveling
    • A description of the driver
    • The location where the vehicle was last seen.

    If you’re driving, the RCMP says to first pull over and turn on hazard lights before calling 911.

    The RCMP advises during the holiday season—and any time of year—to keep safe by arranging a designated driver, or alternative transportation.

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