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  • RDC Providing $2.2-Million Funding to Sensor-Related Tech Companies

    Companies working with sensor-related technologies like radar, acoustics, optics and signal processing got a funding boost for key projects today. VOCM’s Gerri Lynn Mackey reports.

    The province is providing $2.2-million in five commercial projects that will help solve local technical challenges and add to products and services with sensor technology.

    The projects fostered by this, will be applied locally, nationally and on a global level as well.

    The companies getting support are engaged in a range of industries such as fishing activity, oil and gas, and military defence.

    Minister Christopher Mitchelmore says the SensorTECH program aims to strengthen this area of the economy through investment.

    Mitchelmore says the program focuses on sensor and how import this type of developed and applied research is.

    He says it will really drive innovation and and it will lead to new opportunities for companies in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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