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  • Defence Rests Case at Anne Norris Murder Trial

    The defence has rested its case at the murder trial of 30-year-old Anne Norris.

    Norris has admitted she killed 46-year-old Marcel Reardon on May 9, 2016, by hitting him over the head with a hammer multiple times. At question is whether or not she was criminally responsible.

    The last witness for the defence—a forensic psychiatrist who says that Anne Norris was delusional when she killed 46-year-old Marcel Reardon—agrees that she also “fully intended to kill him.”

    Dr. Nizar Ladha testified Norris told him she couldn’t stop hitting Reardon with the hammer that eventually killed him. Ladha quoted Norris as saying, “I continued hitting him because he wasn’t dead.”

    Ladha says Norris understood the physical consequences of what she was doing. He explained that it is his job to determine why she was doing that.

    He asked himself, “Is she a cold blooded killer, or does she have a mental disorder?”

    The Crown put it to Ladha, “Was there any need to hide the body, dispose of the weapon, or lie to police, if she felt she wasn’t doing any wrong?”

    Ladha answered, “She didn’t lie to me about that.”

    Ladha maintains that it is his opinion she was delusional. He testified most psychiatric patients are aware of the physical consequences.

    Earlier Story

    The jury at the Anne Norris murder trial at Supreme Court in St. John’s has heard that Marcel Reardon was alleged to be unconscious when Norris beat him to death with a hammer.

    That’s according to testimony from forensic psychiatrist Dr. Nizar Ladha, who was hired by the defence to conduct an assessment of Norris following the killing.

    Norris admits she caused Reardon’s death, hid his body, and discarded the hammer used in the assault – but she does not admit she was criminally responsible.

    Dr. Ladha says Norris told him she took the hammer and went to investigate when someone buzzed her apartment door. When she found nobody there, she says she went to look for Reardon and found him passed out. She says that’s when she started to beat him and told the doctor she couldn’t stop.

    The defence continues its presentation & testimony today.

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