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  • Reefer Madness: Customers Angry as Cannabis Suppliers Sell Out Across Country

    The cannabis supply appears to have dried up in many locations just days after prohibition was lifted to great fanfare.

    Store after store are reporting shortages and depleted stocks, something Vice President of Regulatory Services and Social Responsibility at NLC, Sean Ryan says is due to problems encountered by licensed producers.

    Licensed retailers were still packed in the evening yesterday, but customers were upset to arrive to find the cupboards bare. What’s more confusion over the scope of the license for Loblaw’s, as well as the NLC’s involvement, had customers showing up at NLC and Dominion grocery stores looking for cannabis where none was being offered.

    Ryan says there the shortage is national in scope. Even though the province is being supplied by Canopy Growth, they’re still seeing shortages.

    He says some of the shortages are not due to retailers, but national shortages caused by factors like excise problems to health issues.

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