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  • Remains of 20 People to be Re-interred in Harbour Grace

    Via Google Maps.

    The remains of 20 different people will be laid to rest today in Harbour Grace in a special ceremony at St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

    The partial remains of 20 individuals were disturbed and removed during the construction of a breezeway between the historic church and the church hall back in 1992.

    They were sent to Memorial University for study and, after 27 years, have been returned to Harbour Grace for re-interment.

    Rev. John Nicolle says the remains are those of men, women and children and date to before the construction of the current stone church in 1835.

    He says there’s no way of knowing who the remains belong to, but they will be burying them in a ceremony this afternoon at 2:30.

    Nicolle says it remains to be seen if a stone will be erected to mark the spot. He says they’re still undecided, but they will know where the remains are because they will be “right in the corner” where the breezeway is now.

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