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  • VIDEO Remembering the Ocean Ranger Disaster, 36 Years Later

    The Annual Memorial Service remembering the tragic loss of life in the sinking of the Ocean Ranger took place today at St. Pius X church.

    Gonzaga High School has organized the annual memorial service for over 30 years, and was hit hard by the disaster having lost five alumni students in the tragedy.

    The oil rig went down in a vicious storm on this day 36 years ago.

    All 84 crew members on board were lost and just 22 bodies were recovered in the wake of the tragedy. For many who lost loved ones, the annual memorial service at Pius X church is one of the few physical places they can attend to feel closer to those lost.

    Patricia Ryan lost her 19-year-old son, Craig Tilley in the sinking. She says while it is difficult for her to reflect on her loss, coming together and remembering each year is important.

    Ryan says her son was the first body recovered from the water. To her, the hardest part of the service is hearing the historical account of the events leading up to the sinking. She says it’s all part of the grieving process.

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