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  • Removal of Century-Old Trees Sparks Discussion on Greenery Laws

    A development in downtown St. John’s has seen some greenspace go by the wayside, but a city councillor says the issue has been dealt with.

    The John Howard Society’s building on Garrison Hill in downtown is expanding into green space next to the building and had to consult the city before cutting down five, 100-year-old trees in the space. The trees were cut down yesterday, but other trees in the space have been saved.

    Councillor Dave Lane says the trees are near the end of their natural life and as a result could not be uprooted a moved to another space.

    He says the John Howard Society provided funding so that ten new trees will be planted elsewhere in the city to replace the loss of the trees.

    Lane says while it’s encouraged, there’s no firm rules right now that say if trees have to be cut down, they have to be replanted or at least replaced by the developer.

    He says the removal of the trees has sparked a discussion about the greenery in the city and laws surrounding how they’re handled will be looked at in the future.

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