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  • Rescue Group Frees Whale from Lobster, Crab Gear

    (File photo.)

    The Whale Release and Strandings group spent the day in St. George’s Bay yesterday, releasing a minke whale from lobster and crab gear.

    Whale rescuer, Julie Huntington, says they received a call from a fisherman in Crabbe’s River who noticed the whale stuck in one place over the weekend.

    Huntington says they arrived late Saturday, but weather and sea conditions didn’t allow them to get out until the following day.

    She says the rescue was a challenging one, and they used nearly every piece of equipment available to them to free the animal.

    She says the rope had braided up tight, with six or seven pieces of rope wound up to a fair thickness. The water was also one to two metres which made the rescue particularly difficult.

    Huntington says luckily, the whale was fairly docile and calm. It was eventually freed, and swam off apparently none-the-worse for its ordeal.

    Contact the group at: 1-888-895-3003 or on Facebook at Whale Release and Strandings Group.

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