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  • Residents of North Coast Living With Climate Change: Mayor

    Photo courtesy of Tourism Nunatsiavut

    The Mayor of Nain says people on the north coast of Labrador are feeling the effects of climate change first-hand.

    Joe Dicker was responding to discussions surrounding the feasibility of a road route connecting northern communities like Nain, to the southern portion of Labrador.

    Dicker says the road seems unlikely at this stage even though climate change is making the idea more possibile.

    In the meantime, Dicker says climate change is affecting the way people on the north coast get around.

    He says it’s not a question of whether climate change will happen, it is happening, and has been affecting the way people get around and get their food for the last 20 years.

    He says the main thing many are noticing is the ice. It takes longer for the ice to freeze, and melts much earlier in the season.

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