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  • Retired Engineer Reverses Opinion on Stability of North Spur

    A retired engineer who previously questioned the stability of the North Spur has reversed his opinion.

    James Gordon is a well respected hydropower consultant who has worked on a large number of hydro projects in the past.

    He had previously raised serious questions about the stability of the North Spur at Muskrat Falls, outlining the potential dangers of dam failure and catastrophic progressive slides caused by erosion and quick clay.

    Gordon tells VOCM News says he’s since reversed that opinion, which he says was based on incorrect findings by European engineer, Dr. Stig Bernander. He says Dr. Bernander incorrectly identified all the landslides in the area as progressive slides, caused by quick clay.

    He says the landslides are actually flow slides, which can be identified in photographs, leading to his change in opinion.

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