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  • Retracing Alcock and Brown’s Historic Trans-Atlantic Flight

    A special event took to the skies above St. John’s today as a commemorative flight traced the path Alcock and Brown took on the first ever non-stop trans-Atlantic flight.

    As part of 100th anniversary celebrations, the air tour took off from the PAL Airlines facility on RCAF Road in St. John’s this afternoon, before visiting key locations of the original flight.

    In June 1919, the British aviators lifted off from Lester’s Field and flew a modified WWI Vickers Vimy from St. John’s to Ireland, entering the history books as the first cross the Atlantic.

    Today, the modern Dash 8 plane flew over the area of Blackmarsh Road, marking where Alcock and Brown initially lifted off. The plane then made its way out through the narrows and over the Atlantic, tracing the beginning of the pilots’ journey.

    Kirby Short, one of the pilots in the cockpit, says to put himself in the original pilot’s shoes was a truly awesome experience.

    He says he was able to place himself in Alcock and Brown’s position, and get a better perspective of the importance of being the first to achieve the first ever non-stop trans-Atlantic flight.

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