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  • Richard Dunphy Testifies at Inquiry into Brother’s Death

    Richard (Dick) Dunphy, who lived next door to Donald, hadn’t spoke to his brother in the 15 years prior to Don’s shooting death on April 5th of 2015.

    The third day of the hearing began with Commissioner Barry informing lawyers that Don Dunphy’s sister-in-law, Debbie would not testify. Barry told the inquiry that he had received a note from a doctor explaining why.

    On Monday, Meghan Dunphy told the inquiry that her father’s relationship with her aunt was strained. In fact, Debbie Dunphy had a peace bond out against her brother-in-law, who was also her neighbour.

    Commissioner Barry said Debbie Dunphy may appear at a later date, but that if other witnesses refuse to testify he can bring ‘significant adverse consequences’ against them.

    Then Don’s brother, Richard took the stand. He told the inquiry about his strained relationship with his brother and how Don and other family members did not get along. He said most of the problems started about fifteen years ago, after the death of their father. Dunphy said it became increasingly difficult to deal with his brother to the point that even though they were next door neighbours, they hadn’t spoken in over a decade.

    Richard Dunphy was asked about the day RNC Cst. Joe Smyth came to his door to ask about Don. Dunphy testified that he couldn’t recall much about the brief encounter, but did say he remembers telling Smyth he wasn’t sure if Don had a gun in his house.

    Richard Dunphy, who was also good friends with RNC Staff Sergeant Mike Adams was later pressed by Smyth’s lawyer, Jerome Kennedy about saying to Adams that he had wished he had told Smyth what Don was like because, “you couldn’t trust Don and you don’t know what he had over there,” meaning at his house.

    Richard Dunphy testified that shortly after he did see Smyth in his brother’s driveway before the shooting, but didn’t stop to say anything else.


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